NAIOP Northwest Florida is proud to offer events that support both networking and education for our members.

Our Chapter Merit Award winning Chat Series are monthly breakfast meetings designed to inform our members about issues that affect the commercial real estate community and the community as a whole.  Offered the 3rd Wednesday of each month, these Chats are a great opportunity for our members to engage in meaningful dialogue with community leaders.

Each quarter, our members come together for our Quarterly Networking Social. Though the venue and format changes each month, the quality of colleague engagement is consistent. Members are encouraged to bring materials and share new opportunities for partnership.

Additionally, we offer an Annual Golf Tournament (usually in October), an Annual Banquet and Awards Program, and our Annual Economic Update (usually in May). Each of these events are not to be missed and promise an memorable experience.

Upcoming Events

    • May 22, 2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Pensacola Yacht Club - 1897 Cypress Street, Pensacola, Florida 32502

    Annual Economic Update

    Presented by Coca-Cola's Chief Economist, Carlos Herrera

    Meet Your Speaker:

    Carlos Herrera

    Carlos Herrera is Chief Economist for Coca-Cola North America Foodservice and On-Premise Division. The main thrust of his work is to increase the visibility of ‘what’s to come’ through a deeper understanding of the Foodservice Industry from an economic perspective. His forecasts are a key input to the development of strategic and operational plans. Carlos regularly shares his insights on the impact of the economy on consumers and the restaurant industry with the executive leadership, boards of directors, and franchisees of leading foodservice companies around the world. He has spent the last 24 years at Coca-Cola North America serving in various capacities in Operations, Finance, Marketing, and Strategic Planning. Prior to that, Carlos worked for 8 years at Federal Express and holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech. He is a member of the National Business Economists Issues Council and the Harvard Industry Economists Discussion Group.

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Past Events

April 24, 2019 What's Up Chat: Meet Mayor Robinson
March 28, 2019 Developing Leaders Present: Trolley Tour & Happy Hour
March 20, 2019 What's Up Chat: Navy Federal Credit Union Expansion Update
February 27, 2019 What's Up Chat: Southtowne Apartments Tour
January 24, 2019 NAIOP NW FL Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet
December 19, 2018 What's Up Chat: Update on Tax Reform
November 29, 2018 Block Party
November 29, 2018 14th Annual Golf Classic
November 14, 2018 What's Up Chat: FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance Update
October 17, 2018 What's Up Chat: Economic and Real Estate Development in Northwest Florida
September 19, 2018 What's Up Chat: Pensacola Bay Bridge Replacement Project
August 15, 2018 What's Up Chat: Triumph Gulf Coast: Projects, Progress & Partnerships
August 08, 2018 2018 Candidate Forum
July 25, 2018 What's Up Chat: Amendment 2
June 20, 2018 What's Up Chat: Update on CRA Urban Design Standards Overlay
May 23, 2018 Sailing to Success
May 23, 2018 NAIOP NW FL Annual Economic Update
April 18, 2018 What's Up Chat: Update on Previous Legislative Session
April 05, 2018 Developing Leaders Present: Legislative Update & Happy Hour
March 28, 2018 What's Up Chat: One Palafox Place Tour
February 21, 2018 What's Up Chat: U.S. Tax Reform
January 25, 2018 NAIOP NWFL Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet
November 15, 2017 What's Up Chat: Update on VT MAE Project
October 26, 2017 Block Party
October 26, 2017 13th Annual Golf Classic
October 25, 2017 What's Up Chat: Triumph Gulf Coast
August 16, 2017 What's Up Chat: Basic Laws of Success
July 19, 2017 What's Up Chat: Update on Previous Legislative Session
May 17, 2017 What's Up Chat: What's New in Employment Law 2017
April 19, 2017 What's Up Chat: Update on Local Economic Developments
March 15, 2017 What's Up Chat: City of Pensacola Demolition Ordinance Review
February 23, 2017 What's Up Chat Luncheon: Proposed Replacement of Pensacola Bay Center
January 26, 2017 NAIOP NWFL Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet
December 21, 2016 Chat Series: Exclusive Update on the Perdido Key Master Plan
November 16, 2016 Chat Series: Vision Pensacola's Initiative
October 28, 2016 12th Annual Golf Classic
October 27, 2016 Quarterly Networking Social and Golf Tournament Kick Off - Summit Bank Pig Roast
October 19, 2016 Chat Series: City of Gulf Breeze Master Plan
September 21, 2016 Chat Series: Pensacola Bay Bridge Project
August 24, 2016 Developing Pensacola: What's Up with Today's Hottest Projects
August 16, 2016 2016 Candidate Forum
July 20, 2016 What's Up Chat Series: The Bluffs Project Update
June 15, 2016 What's Up Chat Series: Downtown Improvement Board Update
May 19, 2016 Spring Soiree: Quarterly Networking Social
May 18, 2016 What's Up Chat Series: Visit Pensacola
April 18, 2016 NAIOP NWFL Annual Economic Update
March 16, 2016 What's Up Chat Series: IHMC Innovations & Expansion
February 17, 2016 What's Up Chat Series: Live | Work | Cowork | Play @ One Palafox Place
January 21, 2016 NAIOP NWFL Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet
December 17, 2015 Holiday Open House
December 16, 2015 What's Up Chat Series: Pensacola International Airport - Development Opportunities & Challenges
November 18, 2015 What's Up Chat Series: Navy Federal Credit Union Phase 1 & Phase 2 Expansion Projects
October 21, 2015 October What's Up Chat Series: Escambia County's New Development Code
October 16, 2015 11th Annual Golf Classic
October 01, 2015 Quarterly Networking Social - Summit Bank Pig Roast
September 16, 2015 October What's Up Chat Series: Escambia County's New Development Code
September 03, 2015 Happy Hour Social - Mentor/Mentee Meetup
August 19, 2015 NAIOP August What's Up Chat Series: PNJ Redevelopment - A Mixed Use Project
July 29, 2015 PAC Fundraiser: Fiesta de NAIOP
July 22, 2015 NAIOP July What's Up Chat Series
June 17, 2015 NAIOP June What's Up Chat Series
May 13, 2015 NAIOP NW FL Annual Economic Update
April 15, 2015 NAIOP April What's Up Chat Series
March 24, 2015 NAIOP March What's Up Chat Series - Name here
March 12, 2015 Quarterly Networking Social
February 18, 2015 NAIOP February 'What's Up!' Chat Series - Tour of Maritime Place
January 29, 2015 NAIOP NWFL Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet
January 20, 2015 NAIOP of Florida Day at the Capitol
December 02, 2014 NAIOP December "What's Up!" Chat Series - Year-End Tax and Revenue Recognition Update
November 19, 2014 November "What's Up!" Chat Series: Port of Pensacola
October 26, 2014 Quarterly Social: Fall Family Picnic
October 15, 2014 October "What's Up!" Chat Series: Escambia County Storm Water
October 09, 2014 10th Annual Golf Classic
September 17, 2014 September "What's Up!" Chat Series: Gulf Breeze Storm Water
August 26, 2014 Quarterly Social: Blue Wahoos Game
August 20, 2014 August "What's Up!" Chat Series: The Studer Institute
July 16, 2014 July "What's Up!" Chat Series: ECUA Addresses Inflow & Infiltration and Sanitary Sewer Overflows
June 18, 2014 June "What's Up!" Chat Series: Local Economic update
May 14, 2014 NAIOP NW FL Annual Economic Update
May 13, 2014 Italian Mafioso Night
April 24, 2014 Quarterly Social: Dinner, Deals, & Drinks
April 16, 2014 April "What's Up!" Chat Series: UWF Update: Enlivening Community Engagement and Redefining Campus
March 19, 2014 March "What's Up!" Chat Series: PNJ: The Next 125 Years
February 19, 2014 NAIOP February "What's Up!" Chat Series: County Comp Plan
February 04, 2014 NAIOP NW FL Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet
January 14, 2014 NAIOP of Florida Day at the Capitol
December 04, 2013 NAIOP December "What's Up!" Chat Series - Year-End Tax and Lease Accounting Update
November 20, 2013 NAIOP November "What's Up!" Chat Series - Brownfields Resources for the Greater Pensacola Area
October 16, 2013 NAIOP October "What's Up!" Chat Series - Main Street and Recycling
October 10, 2013 NAIOP 9th Annual Golf Classic
September 19, 2013 NAIOP of Florida Public Affairs Summit
September 18, 2013 NAIOP NW FL PAC Fundraiser - The Skyy is the Limit
September 18, 2013 NAIOP September "What's Up!" Chat Series
August 05, 2013 NAIOP Annual Economic Update
July 17, 2013 NAIOP July "What's Up!" Chat Series - Meet Ron Butlin, New DIB Exec Dir
June 25, 2013 NAIOP June "What's Up!" Chat Series - An Evening Chat with Senator Don Gaetz
May 15, 2013 NAIOP May "What's Up!" Chat Series - City Owned Property - Facts and Fiction?
April 17, 2013 NAIOP April "What's Up!" Chat Series - "Status of the Proposed Downtown YMCA at Maritime Park"
March 20, 2013 NAIOP March "What's Up!" Chat Series - "A View of Gulf Power and the NW FL Region"
March 14, 2013 Ides of March - NAIOP PAC Event
February 20, 2013 February "What's Up!" Chat Series - "URAC Final Report"
January 31, 2013 Annual Meeting - Development of the Year Awards
January 17, 2013 Best of the Best - NAIOP Development of the Year Awards
December 05, 2012 December "What's Up!" Chat Series - "Tax Time Bomb"
November 14, 2012 November "What's Up!" Chat Series - "Meet the New County Commissioners"
October 17, 2012 October "What's Up!" Chat Series - "BP Restores Millions, How shall we spend it?"
October 11, 2012 NAIOP of FL Public Affairs Summit
October 05, 2012 NAIOP Golf Classic
September 19, 2012 September "What's Up!" Chat Series - Quint Studer at NAIOP - WAHOO!
August 16, 2012 NAIOP Annual Economic Update
August 15, 2012 NAIOP August Board Meeting
July 31, 2012 NAIOP NW FL Candidate Mixer
June 27, 2012 NAIOP Deals & Drinks at the Ballpark!
June 20, 2012 June "What's Up!" Chat Series - National Trends with Chairman, Bill Hunt
June 13, 2012 NAIOP June Board Meeting
May 30, 2012 NAIOP Up-to-Date Chat Meeting - "The New BP Class Action Settlement and how it applies to you"
May 23, 2012 May "What's Up!" Chat Series
May 09, 2012 NAIOP May Board Meeting
May 01, 2012 NAIOP Webinar - "Distressed Real Estate - Where are we today?"
April 18, 2012 April "What's Up!" Chat Series - Avalex Tour
April 11, 2012 NAIOP April Board Meeting
April 10, 2012 Urban Redevelopment Advisory Committee Meeting
April 09, 2012 Owner/Broker Forum
April 06, 2012 Top 100 Buildings
April 04, 2012 NAIOP NW FL Marketing/Communication Committee Meeting
March 21, 2012 March "What's Up!" Chat Series - Fly with NAS Pensacola!
March 15, 2012 NAIOP March Board Meeting
March 14, 2012 NAIOP Partners with UWF
February 22, 2012 February "What's Up!" Chat Series
February 13, 2012 NAIOP 2012 Board Planning Meeting
January 26, 2012 Annual Meeting & Development of the Year Awards Program
January 09, 2012 Call for Nominations! NAIOP Development of the Year Awards
December 14, 2011 December "What's UP!" Chat Meeting
December 08, 2011 NAIOP Webinar - Availability of Debt and Equity for Financing
November 16, 2011 November "What's UP!" Chat Meeting
November 09, 2011 NAIOP November Board Meeting
November 08, 2011 New Member Orientation
October 26, 2011 October "What's UP!" Chat Meeting
October 18, 2011 Development 11 - The Annual Meeting for Commercial Real Estate
October 12, 2011 NAIOP October Board Meeting
October 07, 2011 NAIOP Golf Classic
September 29, 2011 September Deals & Drinks
September 21, 2011 September "What's UP!" Chat Meeting
September 14, 2011 NAIOP September Board Meeting
August 24, 2011 2011 NAIOP Economic Update
August 18, 2011 August Deals & Drinks
August 10, 2011 NAIOP August Board Meeting
July 28, 2011 July Deals & Drinks
July 20, 2011 July "What's UP!" Chat Meeting
July 13, 2011 NAIOP July Board Meeting
June 15, 2011 June "What's UP!" Chat Meeting
June 08, 2011 NAIOP June Board Meeting
May 19, 2011 May Deals & Drinks
May 18, 2011 May "What's UP!" Chat Meeting
May 11, 2011 NAIOP May Board Meeting

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